Saturday, April 27, 2013

Peacock: Beauty and Wonders of Nature

Peacock is a stunningly beautiful bird. To me it looks like that someone prepared a design and then in a workshop built it with all those patterns, green and blue dots and then breathed life into it. Nature’s beauty is incredible and it is displayed all around us.

"A peacock feather is a great example of a fractal in nature. Its iridescent plumage is remarkable and stunning. The white feathers have a pearlescent quality about them and reflect a different hue depending on the viewing angle....

Woven into the myths and belief systems of cultures worldwide, the peacock presents itself through the science of alchemy, astronomy, Islam and Christianity, as well as Egyptian, Chinese and Indian cultures. India has adopted the peacock as its national bird."

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  1. Whenever I see a nature documentary, LeDaro, I am always struck by both the diversity and the vitality of the world around us. It speaks to me of mystery and wonder, and serves to remind me that we are but a part of nature, not above it as our corporate conduct and personal lifestyles would suggest.

  2. Although there are other peacocks near where I live, it wasn't until friends nearby had two that I came to some appreciation of what it was like to live with them. Such extraordinary unlikely beauty against a mostly dark green forest. They liked to lie in the sun on my somewhat flattish roof and would peck on the upper windows for attention. While a bit awkward getting off the ground into the air, once up they can go like hell! More than once I was startled by them coming screaming round the corner of the house at head level.
    A real privilege to get to know them.

  3. Lorne, my friend, you have summed it up quite well. I cannot add anything to it.

    Alison, you're lucky that peacocks visit your house. In the Maritimes it is rarely seen. There was one seen in Nova Scotia and CTV was displaying its photos. A stunningly beautiful bird.