Monday, April 08, 2013

Margaret Thatcher RIP

It is not my style to speak ill of dead. However, I think Margaret Thatcher was a twin of Ronald Reagan. They both put their countries on the path of neo-conservatism from which these countries have not recovered yet.

It is worth noting, Thatcher gave her full-hearted supported to Chile's brutal dictator, Augusto Pincohet, and wanted to appease apartheid South Africa (it was Canada's own Brian Mulroney who countered Thatcher on this, wanting to maintain full sanctions).

The death of a leading world figure is always a sad event, but we cannot overlook the damage those like Thatcher and Reagan did, in their own countries, and on the world stage.

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  1. I can't help but note, LeDaro, how the mainstream media have been eulogizing Thatcher in the same manner as they did with Ralph Klein. And the CBC, which has been consistently debasing itself in its efforts to appease the right wing, only noted at the end of some fulsome praise of the Iron Lady by Rick MacInnes-Rae, that 'some felt she was unsympathetic to the poor.

  2. Lorne, thank you for your comment.

    Again we have to look at the Emperor Harper and what he said:

    "She was not just a great leader for Britain, but she was really one of those people who will be a truly historic figure, remembered for centuries to come …I think if you look at the sweep of her life, what she did — not just in Britain, but what she did on the world stage — really laid the groundwork for the freedom and the prosperity and opportunity that so many people around the world enjoy today."

    CBC dare not say something which will annoy the emperor. He has already cut $115 million in CBC funding.

  3. Will this rewriting of history never end, LeDaro?

  4. Lorne, my friend, it does not look it will end. As a former teacher you know more about it.