Monday, March 04, 2013

Tom Flanagan, Dropped by the University of Calgary...

...and rightly so. Flanagan thinks viewing child pornography is a liberty issue? What about the victims, the children? There is a great column on this by the Toronto Star's Heather Mallick, rightly title "Flanagan puts personal liberty ahead of victims' pain." How on earth can Flanagan neglect the victims in what is rightly a criminal act? Flanagan has received a lot of backlash over this, and rightly so.

This guy has advised the Wildrose Alliance party in Alberta and Stephen Harper, current Conservative prime minister. Are these the kinds of people CON-artists have in their inner circle? Flanagan's earlier remarks on other issues - such as denying the existance of First Nations rights - shows his crass indifference to human suffering.

The University of Calgary president was right to condemn Flanagan's remarks. Liberty is important, but not when it comes at the expense of others, especially not when those victimized are young children, robbed of their innocence.

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  1. exactly. And every time flanagan opens his mouth to try to come up with a bs excuse, he makes it worse, showing he really doesn't get it. It isn't just the crimes against children behind the photos, it the continued assault on those children as strangers leer over the photos.

    Seriously, how can he not see that as a serious, very detrimental violation of a child's rights?

  2. 900ft J., Thank you for your comment.

    "Seriously, how can he not see that as a serious, very detrimental violation of a child's rights?"
    Because he is a neandrethal.