Thursday, March 28, 2013

Aliens: Do they exist?

According to a 1950 FBI report, they do. Please watch the following video.

In this case the saucer was recovered and aliens died. However, in the 1980s, in another alien landing, an alien escaped. Rumours are that he lives under the alias of Stephen Harper and that he lives in Canada. If you know this person or heard of him please do get in touch with FBI. :)

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  1. Only if the FBI promises to shoot on sight.

  2. LoL! That is too harsh, Dana.

    I will suggest immediate arrest and intensive and extensive interrogation.:)

  3. Well, I guess that quashes the notion that humanoid alien life must be superior to us.

  4. Lorne, not to worry. According to scientists there are 1 billion earth-like planets in the known universe. The possibility of very intelligent humanoid aliens still exists.

    The alien under consideration here comes from the planet Luna(not moon). Lunacy is their outstanding characteristic.