Saturday, February 02, 2013

U.S. Gun Deaths Since Sandy Hook Top 1,280

Some of the faces of  the victims of gun violence  
Source The Huffington
This story from the Huffington Post is very relevant, 1,280 gun deaths in the US since Sandy Hook. This story highlights the multitude of gun deaths in the United States, including youth and children whose lives have been taken. These stories do not make the national headlines of a massive one-time killing, but they add up to a staggering tragedy, and of course every human life lost unnecessarily is a tragedy. Here are a few examples from that story of gun deaths over frivolous disputes:

Silly arguments became final arguments. A man was murdered over two broken cigarettes. Another after getting into a spat at a taco truck. Travis Len Massey, 23, was shot and killed by his sister's boyfriend in a family dispute over a missing gun. A 52-year-old Jacksonville man shot and killed a longtime friend over an argument, according to police. When asked what the argument was about, the gunman said he didn't remember, according to a television report.

Here is another example from that story, showing the dangers of guns when it comes to children:

A 6-year-old accidentally killed a 4-year-old. A different 4-year-old accidentally killed a 58-year old.

Overall, rates of gun death and gun violence in the United States are far greater than any other western country.

Americans have to stop listening to fanatical lobbyists like the NRA, there needs to be common sense policy, there needs to be proper gun control. It is an essential matter of public safety.

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