Sunday, December 02, 2012

What is Justin Trudeau up to?

I was a supporter of Pierre Trudeau - he was one of our country's great prime ministers - bringing official multiculturalism, giving Canada a strong independent foreign policy on the world stage, and repatriating the Constitution with a Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

I participated in the consultation process around the Charter - advocating for individual rights in addition to group rights - something which is a distinct strength of the Charter.

As for Pierre's son Justin, I'm puzzled by him. He's taken some very unusual positions in this leadership race - against the long gun registry (which he voted to save) and in favour of the tar sands and a Chinese take-over of a company there.

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  1. He's doing what all Fed Libs do..trying to be all things to all people..and he wouldn't make a pimple on his father's butt...can you imagine Pierre supporting any of these concepts? I can't...

  2. Just another sad reminder that the only principle that defines the Liberals is the bald pursuit of power at any cost.

  3. Wendi and Lorne, is there a chance that he will improve with experience?

    Right now it is gaffes and more gaffes and win at any cost. Looks like Iggy is advising him.

  4. I personally lost interest in him when he publicized a holiday 'portrait' of he and his family all decked out in dead about an insensitive on earth could anyone support him, between blatant disregard for anything environmental, and his obvious contempt for anything but making money?
    His high-school-level theatrics notwithstanding, I think all that hand-wringing for the middle class is a great front when you are too rich to get it..rather like a younger, Catholic version of Romney...

  5. Wendi, his name may help him win the Liberal leadership but what happens after that does not look so bright.