Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Noam Chomsky on Israel and Gaza - A Must Read Article

An old man in Gaza held a placard that read:
“You take my water, burn my olive trees,
destroy my house, take my job, steal my land,
imprison my father, kill my mother,
bombard my country, starve us all, humiliate us all,
but I am to blame: I shot a rocket back

This article is a really great examination of the situation in Israel and Gaza by Noam Chomsky.

h/t to Mound of Sound for posting this.

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  1. "A short-lived truce in 2008 was honored by Hamas until Israel broke it in November."

    Really? In what version of reality does he live in?

    As much as I hate to see innocent people suffering but the truth is that the Palestinians are not interested in peace and have rejected all peace plans that were offered to them since 1948. There was never ever ever a rally for peace in Gaza, since they do not want peace with Israel. They want it wiped.

    Let me also remind you the photos of people in Gaza celebrating September 11: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrM0dAFsZ8k&noredirect=1

    This is what Israel had to deal with. Nobody is Israel is throwing candies at the street when an innocent Palestinian die. Their "culture" is just incompatible and until this changes peace is infeasible :(

  2. Morris Kast, please read the following paragraphs from Chomsky's article. Chomsky clearly shows that it was Israel who broke the peace agreement. Chomsky's background is Jewish and he understands Israel-Palestinian situation better than many other writers on this issue.

    "The first act of Operation Pillar of Defense was to murder Ahmed Jabari. Aluf Benn, editor of the newspaper Haaretz, describes him as Israel’s “subcontractor” and “border guard” in Gaza, who enforced relative quiet there for more than five years.

    The pretext for the assassination was that during these five years Jabari had been creating a Hamas military force, with missiles from Iran. A more credible reason was provided by Israeli peace activist Gershon Baskin, who had been involved in direct negotiations with Jabari for years, including plans for the eventual release of the captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

    Baskin reports that hours before he was assassinated, Jabari “received the draft of a permanent truce agreement with Israel, which included mechanisms for maintaining the cease-fire in the case of a flare-up between Israel and the factions in the Gaza Strip.”

    A truce was then in place, called by Hamas on Nov. 12. Israel apparently exploited the truce, Reuters reports, directing attention to the Syrian border in the hope that Hamas leaders would relax their guard and be easier to assassinate."

  3. "Peace agreement", with whom? During the "truce", the Palestinians threw hundreds of missiles on Israel.

    Jabari is a war criminal that is responsible for the death of hundreds of Israeli citizens.

    The rocket problem has been going on for years. It is such a naivety to think that if Israel didn't respond to the rockets by targeting Jabari, peace were just about to flourish in the middle-east. Just minutes before he died, Jabari became a big Zion fan.

  4. You have every right to believe what you want to but the facts are contrary to your thinking.

    Most recent aggravation is Israel building settlements in the occupied area of the West Bank cutting it into two. This was in retaliation to UN vote for ‘non-voting state’ status for the Palestine. European countries, U.S and even Canada are very critical of Israel. Israel, because of its atrocities against Palestinians, has isolated itself.

  5. Totally agree with you on the recent aggravation. As much as I dislike the settlements, I am just wondering what I would do on that day if I were Netanyahu.

    The Palestinian asking for a non-voting state status is a violation of the Oslo accords Rabin has signed with Arafat, but that's ok. The UN respecting their request is mind boggling as well: Abu-Mazen is now even allowed into Gaza which he claims to represent. The Hamas people who control Gaza routinely go from door to door and slaughter their rival Fatah's people. Their agenda is to wipe Israel of the map. This is who the UN is giving non-voting state status. What a disgrace. This UN has just hit a new low.