Sunday, December 30, 2012

India: Tragic Cases of Gang Rape

Two gruesome cases of gang rape in India have received international media attention. Symptomatic of longer standing problems, they have shed a light on the poor state of women's rights in India - both the mistreatment women face in public places - glaring and groping by men are very common on buses and in public places - and the dismal lack of recourse for these women.

In one tragic case police pressured the woman to drop changes against those who gang-raped her, asking her to marry one of the rapists. In response to this appalling suggestion, she committed suicide.

Another gang-rape victim was severely injured from accompanying beatings, and has died in hospital.

This is not acceptable, there needs to be a change. Women in India need to be able to walk outside, take the bus, do basic everyday things, and feel safe. Also, they need to be able to seek proper recourse.

This is a very bad state of affairs.

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