Monday, December 10, 2012

Gwynne Dyer - on Netanyahu

Gwynne Dyer is great at looking behind the headlines, providing in-depth analysis of issues in international politics. This column by Dyer provides excellent insight into the motives behind Netanyahu's newest wave of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Settlements, the idea of which, are not so new, but rather part of a longer-term plan designed to cripple the potential for a Palestinian state by dividing the West Bank into two.

There is a widespread consensus in the international community that a two-state solution - one state for Israel and one for Palestine - is what is needed. This was what many progressive-minded Israeli leaders want. Unfortunately, the Israeli right, those like Netanyahu, are against any constructive approach to peace, any recognition of the rights of Palestinians.

Despite this treacherous game by Netanyahu, endangering any chance for peace, thwarting any chance of a state for the Palestinians, Harper and Obama support the Israeli prime minister unconditionally.

H/T to Mound of Sound for posting this story.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, LeDaro. Although vilified by some, Gwynne Dyer is always uncompromising in his assessments of world situations. Your post also made me think of how easy it is to characterize a country by its political leadership, even when that leadership is at sharp odds with many of its citizens, not unlike how Canada is viewed in a bad light internationally thanks to the the policies of a regime that was elected by only a minority of Canadians.

  2. Lorne, thank you for your comment.

    I agree with you. It is the leadership which sucks - Israel and Canada