Saturday, December 15, 2012

Adam Lanza: The Killer in Connecticut

Adam Lanza

Does this geeky kid look like a killer? He looks harmless. Looks can be deceiving. He was also a very bright student. 28 dead and 20 of them children and 8 adults including Adam Lanza. Simply incredible. I may write more on this subject matter later on.

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  1. I blame the drugs that kids are on today. All these depressant medications are ruining our children's minds and personalities and are making them into killers.From Ridlin to Zoloft this is one of the causes today in the behavior of these mentally and disturbed kids.Also to much violence from movies.This is a cancer which is spreading rapidly and has to be stopped right away.Guns are another part of this cancer also which has to be regulated and have stricter laws imposed upon us.this rampage has to be confronted now not later.

  2. Marvin, you make good points. I agree with you. U.S has a culture of violence which needs to be changed.

    Guns aplenty.

    The killer was mildly autistic and did need proper treatment.