Thursday, November 08, 2012

Sheldon Adelson who contributed $53.7 Million to GOP

According to some reports he contributed over $100 million to GOP candidates. He owns casinos in Las Vegas and is a billionaire. He expected save billions in taxes if Romney was elected . With the Super-PACs, democracy could be easily converted to Corporatocracy. That was one of the reasons it would have been a real disaster if Romney had won the election. GOP still controls the House and that will cause problems for Obama.

Sheldon Adelson now faces fraud charges.

Donor profile: Sheldon Adelson April 26, 2012

Total contributions to super PACs: $53.7 million*

•$20 million to Restore Our Future (pro-Mitt Romney), half of which is from his wife
•$16.5 million to Winning Our Future (pro-Newt Gingrich), including $7.5 million from his wife Miriam Adelson and $1.5 million from other family members
•$5 million to Congressional Leadership Fund (pro-conservative), half of which is from his wife
•$5 million to YG Action Fund (pro-conservative), half of which is from his wife
•$2 million to Freedom PAC (pro-Connie Mack)
•$1.5 million to Independence Virginia PAC (pro-George Allen)
•$1 million to Ending Spending Action Fund (pro-Republican)
•$1 million to Treasure Coast Jobs Coalition (pro-Allen West)
•$1 million to Patriot Prosperity PAC (pro-Republican), half of which is from his wife
•$250,000 to Conservative Renewal (pro-David Dewhurst)
•$250,000 to Texas Conservatives Fund (pro-David Dewhurst)
•$190,000 to Hispanic Leadership Fund Action (pro-Mitt Romney)

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