Monday, November 26, 2012

Scientists: Is there a soul which survives death?

Following video has an interesting discussion and views of different scientists.

Eben Alexander who wrote the widely circulated and criticized cover story for Newsweek, Proof of Heaven, said, “I have great belief and knowledge that there is a wonderful existence for our souls outside of this earthly realm and that is our true reality, and we all find that out when we live (leave) this earth.”

Is there a soul? I don’t know. But my heart says ‘yes’. This huge universe cannot be the result of an accident. Life itself is a very complex phenomenon. Elsewhere in this universe there may be many other planets which may have some form of life. Is all this the result of an accident or is there more there? Maybe some day we will find out.

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  1. I too am firmly convinced of some transcendent reality which we perhaps at times can only dimly perceive. I have no patience with those who summarily dismiss such possibilities as mere wishful fantasies; to close your mind to the possibility is to be as doctrinaire as the religious fundamentalists who insist theirs is the only way to God.

  2. If quantum science is correct and there exist 11-dimensions of which humans are capable of recognizing just four (up/down, front/back, left/right and time) then, theoretically, anything is possible. In reality, we can't actually prove even time exists much less what it is. How well must we then understand death itself? It does seem to be a departure from our common, perceived state of being but beyond that?

  3. Lorne, thank you for your comment.

    I agree with you 100%.

    I am no fan of organized religions. However, I do think that there is more to life than physical existence.

    Every time I write such a post I do get severely reprimanded by fanatic believers in science. I believe in science but do recognize its limitations or limitation of human senses to fully understand life.


    Mound, thank you for your insightful comment. In discussions like these I always refer to the great Greek philosopher Socrates, “I know that I don’t know”.