Sunday, October 07, 2012

Sighting of rare spider halts Texas $15 million road project

American culture is baffling. A particular spider, considered an endangered species, stops a $15 million road building project. Many oil drilling projects were stopped in the past for similar reasons.

NBC NATIONAL NEWS — A road project along Texas' Highway 151 was progressing on time until along came a spider that shut everything down.

The $15 million road expansion plan to construct an underpass has been halted indefinitely as researchers learn more about the Braken Bat Cave Meshweaver.

However, Americans invade Iraq on false pretences,  over one million innocent civilians killed, in order to control oil fields there. So a spider’s life is more valuable than Iraqi civilians? Where are the priorities?
It would look that both Iraqis and Afghanis are endangered species, Americans claim that they exported democracy to these countries. However, in reality, they have exported extreme violence. That is the legacy left behind.

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