Sunday, September 23, 2012

“Ottawa to open joint U.K.-Canadian diplomatic missions abroad” CBC

Foreign Secretary William Hague and Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird will sign an agreement to open joint U.K.-Canadian diplomatic missions abroad in Ottawa on Monday, CBC News has learned.

What happened to our sovereignty?

How will Quebec react to it?

Are we a colony again?

Read the CBC story here.

Update: Very interesting comments at The Huffington Post website: Here is an example:

Jung Gehr
Apôtre de la liberté d'expression .
7 minutes ago ( 9:52 AM)
Canada is UK's bi..h...A few years ago UK sold to canada 4 submarines wich were on their way to the scrap yard... Man did they screw canada !! Only one sub out of 4 is in service but always on repair beside the fact that they are noisy.canada has spent millions to buy them and will have to spend more millions to TRY to fix them.The US marine uses them as decoys in their practices...Nothing has changed the subs will be on their way to a canadian scrap yard very soon. The Engish are laughing at their servants knowing that when time comes for another good ''coup'' they will find a bending canada with its legs wide open...with an open purse !

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