Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kate Middleton’s topless pictures continue to grab headlines

It is remarkable that how the world is obsessed with Middleton’s topless pictures which were taken in a blatant invasion of privacy of Will and Kate. Now Keli Goff, Author and Political Correspondent,, writes in a column, published by The Huffington Post, that Kate Middleton’s notoriety can be used for the good of the world and humanity.

Goff writes:

“She should turn this entire embarrassing, uncomfortable situation into an opportunity. This situation proves once and for all that Middleton is one of the most visible, sought after women on the planet. She could allow this scandal to cause her to run from that role (although frankly it's a little late for that). Or she could embrace her new found influence and platform with gusto and use it for good, something she has been slow to do so far.”

I am sure these inappropriate pictures have caused the couple a lot of anguish and media should give them a break and leave them alone for a while.

Read  the Goff column here.

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  1. Oh poor Kate!
    Evkery one of those royal welfare recipients manages to get 'caught' topless somewhere, somehow..who cares?
    Stop acting as if there weren't real problems in the world, not the least of which is that these freaks are holidaying on the Riviera on the English peoples' many of them could afford such an extravagance?...and in a country where going topless is no biggie, we should treat it as such...stop pandering to these useless upper class twits and write about something worth mentioning, please!r

  2. Wendi Galczik,

    Let me surprise you that I am no fan of royal family and for that matter privileged people in general. I generally agree with you axcept for the privacy part. Yes I do respect privacy of people whether they live in a palace or in a hut.

    It is the attention that the public gives them is bewildering. I am saying leave them alone. There are real serious problems in the world which deserve our attention.

    Another interesting thing I noticed that I get quite a few hits from Saudi Arabia for these posts – poor deprived men.

  3. I feel very badly for William and Kate. They were on private property, well off the road. They would have no clue, that anyone would even be able, to take those photo's.

    Those photo's were taken, in a very underhanded manner, by stealth. Those photo's were published, knowing damned well, they would embarrass and insult Prince William and Duchess Catherine.

    Not that it matters. They are a very nice young couple. They win hearts everywhere they go. Catherine is a beautiful girl. She's as lovely on the inside, as she is on the outside. Not even the evil paparazzi, can take that away from Catherine, nor from us.