Friday, September 21, 2012

‘Innocence of Muslims’ and cartoons in a French paper

Demonstrations in Egypt.

Who are the winners and losers? I was talking to a gentleman who understands the Muslim world better than I do and he made some very interesting points.

First the winners:

1) The major winners are the extremists who are given a perfect excuse to incite young Muslims who are mostly unemployed, hopeless and don’t much care about life. Unemployment in these countries is much higher than in western countries. We know the results. The US ambassador and three other embassy staff brutally killed in Libya. Also many embassies, US and other western countries’ embassies, are in danger as are the citizens of these countries abroad. France has closed many of its embassies.

2) The corrupt governments in many of these countries have the attention of the demonstrators turned away from their own governments to something which happened in the US and France. This includes corrupt governments in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and many others.

The losers:

The losers are western countries, in this case especially the US and France. The U.S lost four members of their embassy in Libya and soldiers in Afghanistan. And the threat continues.

Someone should tell these morons who made the offensive movie or those who did the cartoons that they have done no favour to their own countries and their citizens by endangering lives of fellow citizens abroad.

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