Friday, September 28, 2012

Disappointing Decision By CBC - Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly

I understand this is a difficult time for the CBC, with the CONS trying to choke them by cutting off their funding. That was the reason given for cancelling Mark Kelly's news/current events show "Connect" on CBC Newsworld.

For a while, after cancelling Kelly's show, they had documentaries in that spot. Re-running documentaries is cheaper than hiring staff and airing a live show. However, they've now replaced it with a news show, basically straight headline news.

With complaints of the media being too driven by sound-bytes, Mark Kelly's show was a welcome addition for exploring particular issues more in-depth - war, poverty, and other societal concerns. His show was a true example of the rapidly fading art of investigative reporting.

As well, Kelly was a great host, engaging and entertaining.

I would think the new "news hour" type show involves staff and expenses just as Mark Kelly's did. Seems CBC is lowering its journalistic standards.

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