Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fareed Zakaria in Deep Trouble

Fareed Zakaria plagarized an article for Time magazine as well as some of his presentations for CNN. Both organizations have suspended Zakaria, CNN's suspension is a month long. Furthermore, Yale University is considering to remove Zakaria from some of the powerful commissions he was on. Zakaria charges $75,000 for his speeches - given to some big financial companies. It looks some (many?) of those speeches will be cancelled as well.

Personally, I was disappointed in Zakaria when he repeated - several times - that he supported the Iraq War. I always wondered why, I thought he was either a sell-out or brain-washed. It looks both could be the case.

Zakaria likes to associate himself with the rich and powerful. His views thus tend to be those of the elite, or the most popular view of the day (this was a charge in a New Republic article that named him among overrated thinkers).

While it was likely one of his assistants who penned the plagarized article, Zakaria has too big an ego to admit the writing wasn't his.

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