Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"9 A**holes Throughout History"

Donald Trump made near the top of the list.

"The archetype of the species. Crossing genres, Trump exemplifies all the ways an asshole can capture our attention on grounds of assholism alone. Steve Jobs and Mel Gibson would be remembered for their achievements even if they had been even-tempered and self-effacing, whereas a non-asshole Trump would have no more claim on our attention than most of the other hundred-odd Americans who have more money than he does. But Trump is a pure asshole in a way that very few people are ever a pure anything. And when he briefly led in the Republican presidential polls in the 2011 season, it wasn't because the base was deluded about his being an asshole, but because that was exactly what they were shopping for. (Trump? Gingrich? Cain? Santorum?--really?)"

Ann Coulter takes the #1 spot.

To read more, click on this  a**hole.

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