Monday, July 02, 2012

Canada Day and #DenounceHarper

"#DenounceHarper is trending on Twitter in Canada, just behind #HappyCanadaDay. Users are using the hashtag to voice dissatisfaction with the Harper government, or just the man himself.”

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  1. Every day is #denounce harper day BUT the most important one will be October 19, 2015 (or before if we get lucky)

  2. We need impeachment legislation like Americans.

  3. Too heck with impeachment - the charge should be HIGH TREASON

  4. We can't wait until 2015. We need to make Stephen Harper toxic, radioactive so that his own will turn on him and kick him to the curb. We did it in British Columbia with Gordon Campbell when he was deposed by his caucus.

    It means making Harper a huge liability to his party and his caucus. Once he's perceived as a millstone round their necks, he's doomed.

    Harper already has no shortage of enemies within his own party's ranks. He's the sort that generates internal threats. His survival depends on polls. That's why Harper has groveled back to Mulroney for advice on Quebec. He knows his personal fate may hang on reversing the Conservative collapse in Quebec.