Friday, June 08, 2012

Blogposts - Past Favourites: A Small Vegetable Garden in the Backyard

The picture of the garden is from Google and not of our garden.
This spring I restarted a small vegetable garden in the backyard.
It is amazing that some plants need more light and others need more shade, yet regardless they all need sunlight and darkness to grow. Then of course they need water to grow and soil provides the nutrients supplemented by fertilizer. Rain comes to help once in a while. This evolution thing must be very smart as it thought of all these details from seed to growth to actual rendering of the final product so that we humans can eat it (the complexity of human-beings and other living creature is another vast field to study and understand and we are a long way from understanding it).

There are so many factors coming together – seed, soil and the nutrients in it, water, sunlight and night and more. What a smart thing this evolution is that it brought together all these elements. Yet it took hundreds and thousands of years for us humans to come up with simple tools on how to till the land and grow crops. To invent these tools lot of human intelligence was needed. Yet evolution tells us that all these other factors of seed, soil, nutrients, water, sunlight, and night (sun, moon, earth, other planets in the solar system, and the vast universe) happened by sheer accident.

Or is it?

Is it possible that there is some extraordinary intelligence behind it all? It remains a mystery for me. Nature's intelligence is astounding and we humans understand very little of it. Was all that intelligence put there by sheer accident of evolution? Or is there something more to it?

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  1. I am reminded of this

    ‘Nature is so careful and exacting in her creations that they cannot be used without great skill for she dos not produce anything that is perfect in itself’.

    Paraceleus 1493-1541 (Swiss philosopher, physician and alchemist from the Renaissance)

  2. idunno
    great beauty and marvels
    puts me in a scientific mindset too
    butjeez, these tent caterpillars are a peril and totally ubiquitous here
    shredded and stripped blueberry ,raspberry plants,apple trees,willow trees, roses
    and the buttercups are too abundant and toughly rooted
    wargames! strategies thru observation,concoctions and defence