Monday, May 07, 2012

What Ron Paul is running for or running from?

His chances of being a nominee are zilch, zero but he keeps going. Especially now that Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have dropped out and Romney’s nomination is all but certain.

I like Ron Paul’s foreign policy platform as he is not in favour of U.S. intervention and he believes that the trillions spent in Iraq and Afghanistan could have been utilized to boost the U.S economy. He believes in diplomacy over wars and invasion. Other than that I am not sure what he stands for and if the Americans will buy his internal policies. Maybe he can influence U.S policies by going on in this manner. He is also getting up in age as he is 76.

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  1. It's called the Internet... Do a little more research... Then I'll check back with you.

  2. codhands, why don't you enlighten us all since you are expert on internet.

  3. I'm pretty sure he said from day one he didn't expect to win.

    He is trying to elect delegates to the Republican convention where, I assuming, they vote on policy and select other officials besides the Presidential candidate.

  4. Thank you. I believe during the last debate of the candidates he said people think I cannot be nominated. He said people are wrong and that “I can be”.

    Having said that I think he has great ideas on foreign policy and others should take notice of it. He makes a lot of sense in that respect.

  5. I would suggest reading his book "end the fed", lays out clearly what it is he is atempting to accomplish.