Saturday, May 12, 2012

Libya Mission cost Canadians 7 times more than we were led to believe

“Last October, MacKay told CBC Radio's The House the Libyan mission had cost taxpayers less than $50 million.”

The actual cost was $347 million. First it was F-35 and now this. Harper government continues to mislead Canadians on many fronts. These warriors are costing Canadians tax payers too much. Bev Ode likes $16 glass of orange juice. It is only taxpayers’ money, eh! Who cares!

Read The CBC story.

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  1. There is absolutely nothing Harper and MacKay haven't lied about. The F-35 jet costs. The worst jets possible for Canada. With one engine, the pilot can't even save the jet. Their fuel capacity, make them a very short range jet, for a country as vast as Canada.

    The ancient old, sinkable submarines, Harper wasted millions of our tax dollars on. One submariner, lost his life. They are not even seaworthy. The WW11 Veterans thought, Harper was absolutely insane.

    Canada is involved in wars,we have no right to be in, because of Harper. Our young military were killed and maimed in Afghanistan. The soldiers maimed for life, are thrown in the garbage by Harper. They don't get enough money, to look after themselves nor their families. They are Harper's throw-a-ways.

    ICC's Chief Prosecutor is going to summons Harper, for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Harper had no right to bomb innocent men, women and children in Libya. Nor, should Harper have been a part, of the torture of the detainee's.

    Harper has so many law suits against him, it will cost the tax payers millions, upon millions. Harper isn't worth that amount of money.

    Harper is the worst P.M. we have ever had, to manage Canada's finances. The old timers say, Harper is also the worst P.M. in Canadian history.

  2. meadowlark, thank you for your comment.

    You summed it quite well and I agree with you.