Friday, May 18, 2012

Gross Art: The Emperor has no clothes

 If you can call it art. It will be interesting what the Harper government’s response will be to this one as the Tory government is highly critical of the sex education exhibit currently underway at the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa.

It is so gross that I will not post it here. You may see it here.

The Emperor has no clothes.

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  1. Art, that is , the triumph of guffaw over the idea of art. Canada is no longer the surly ghetto; we have become the world leader in the need to find something to laugh at.

    Your site seems to have had a make over. I like the color and the simplicity. except for the busyness on the extreme right where the nattering hangs out ...

  2. Well that was a giant letdown! I was all set for something really racy, something that might get my hackles up, something *salacious* even. Instead I have to run out to Safeway at 7 pm for some eyeball bleach.