Saturday, May 05, 2012

China/U.S. relations and Chen Guangcheng Drama

A handout photo from U.S. Embassy Beijing Press office shows
blind activist Chen Guangcheng (2nd L) being accompanied
by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and
Pacific Affairs Kurt Campbell (front R) and U.S. Ambassador
 to China Gary Locke (C), in Beijing, May 2.

Guangcheng saga kind of shook up both countries i.e. China and the United States. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was visiting China and did not want any trouble and neither did China. What is the fuss all about? China is trying to control its population growth and maybe rightly so otherwise its population may increase by the billions in a relatively short period of time.

Forced abortion could be characterized as wrong but other birth control measures would look justified. What is China supposed to do?

Especially the Republicans in the U.S had a field day. They blamed the Obama administration for not taking the concrete actions, letting go Guangcheng from the safety of the U.S embassy, and not properly helping the dissident.

There is an interesting piece in The Toronto Star
on this issue.

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  1. Asians all of them don't have much respect for life. But it is understandable China's concerns regarding population growth and ought to look at better birth control methods. However, LeDaro, the Asian male attitude toward men taking any responsibility for birth control doesn't exist in their vocabulary. It always falls to the female and the easiest way to take care of a pregnancy is to have an abortion. It's fast, cheap and women don't miss work time. When a person is ill in Asia including China, one goes to work does not stay home. It is considered a weakness not to go to work when sick and is taken very sericously.

  2. That is quite revealing information. Those kinds of values are expected in a male-dominated society; however, it does not make it right. I agree with you that men must take responsibility with regards to birth control. Forced abortion and especially late-term abortion is indeed very cruel.