Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Stephen Harper’s latest victim: Rights And Democracy agency axed

Ironically Rights & Democracy was created in 1988 by Brian Mulroney’s government - the independent agency monitors human rights and promotes democracy abroad.

Stevie must be musing to himself, “Who do you think I am - baby sitter for the rest of the world? I am the ruler of Canada and my job is to rule Canada and sell Tar Sands oil to the USA and China.”

What were 39% of Canadians thinking when they gave this moron a majority so that he can screw the country and ruin our reputation internationally?

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  1. Harper intends on using his Religious Rights thingy, housed in Baird's Dept. of Foreign Affairs, as a replacement (as well as NATO bombing sorties).

  2. Beijing York, you're quite right. He wanted to get rid of this agency for a while now but minority govt got in the way.

    Putting it with Foreign Affairs is a ruse. Rights And Democracy is all but dead now.