Monday, December 12, 2011

Barack Obama: Will He Be Re-Elected?

Will Barack Obama's foreign policy in Egypt and Libya help him or hurt him? I don't want to defend Hosni Mubarak here, but he was a friend to the west, now it appears that extreme religious elements are taking over the country.

With Libya, Gaddafi was becoming more friendly towards the west. Now, like Egypt, the people who have replaced him are unknowns. They are likely aligned with religious extremist groups.

America - under George W. Bush and now Obama - has been too focused on being a police-man (imperialist) overseas and has not been focusing on the home-front. Unemployment and recession are serious problems in the United States.

The first president Bush basked in victory - and high poll numbers - from the First Gulf War. However, by the time of the 1992 election, the focus had shifted to Americans' number one concern as recession hit, jobs.

We all know how that election turned out. Will Obama face a similar fate?

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  1. "now it appears that extreme religious elements are taking over the country."

    The "extreme religious" party in the Egyptian parliamentary elections was Al-Nour which is a salafis party and came a distant second. Yes the Muslim brotherhood came in first, but they are quite a bit more moderate than people suggest, even if we would have preferred one of the liberal parties to sweep it.