Friday, November 18, 2011

Stephen Harper’s New Air-Bus made to his order

Suggested Air-Bus.

“The Prime Minister's grey aircraft, an Airbus A-310, which is designated as a CC-150 Polaris, has been slotted for a fresh paint job in August 2013 and sketches of the new design are currently being tossed around the Department Of National Defence, the Privy Council Office and the Prime Minister's Office.”

Read the full story here.

Update:Read more on Harper's vanity.

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  1. I think it needs a picture of a long gun toting, census-avoiding, committee-disrupting, debate-aversive, jingoistic, polar bear stomping on the head of our beloved beaver on the tail section of the airplane. That would provide the appropriate context and tone for lil Stevie and his band of homophobic, anti-democratic, authoritarian, thin-skinned, pork-barrelling, misogynist children.

    I loved the pink and violet. Nice touch.

  2. Oops. Pink and purple. His heinous, er, ah, I mean highness Stevie would love the royal colour. It appeals to his real aspirations.

  3. CuJoYYC,

    I am glad you like my suggested design for the Pee. M. Harper’s Air –Bus design. I thought I will give him some ideas.

    The guy, Pee. M. , thinks he won a lottery and not an election the way he is spending the tax-payers’ money.