Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Rush Limbaugh’s take on Sharon Bialek

As you know Sharon Bialek is the latest accuser of Herman Cain for sexual harassment or even sexual assault. Limbaugh pronounces her name as Buy-a lick and makes fun of her. This guy is a big crazy himself.
As my previous posts show, I am no fan of Cain but this Bialek lady does not sound that credible. I watched her press-conference with her lawyer Gloria Allred. Bialek’s body language and facial expression show that may be she is making it all up. This might actually help Cain. Then her lawyer is well-known for taking salacious and sensational cases – it looks that to take any case it is a condition of hers that it must be salacious. She was involved with the Princess Diane case against Dodi Fayed and against O. J. Simpson involving Nicole Brown Simpson.

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