Saturday, November 12, 2011

Horrific Story About Eugenics Program in North Carolina

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This story is unbelievable, eugenics existed up to 1970 in North Carolina, that is not very long ago. The program of forced sterilizations was directed largely against blacks - using bogus-science to carry out what essentially amounted to a form of ethnic cleansing.

It is horrific to watch this. It makes one realize that some very inhuman acts went on in North Carolina and in North America - as there were eugenics programs in other jurisdictions too, including Alberta here in Canada.

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  1. that's inhuman. Happened in Canada as well -

    The sterilizations happened between 1928 and 1970. They were designed to prevent mentally and physically disabled people from reproducing.

  2. 900ft,

    In U.S it went way beyond physically and mentally disabled people. They were mostly young black boys and girls who were sterilized. Some white supramists wanted superior race – not only healthy but they had to be white too. Reading about it sends shivers through one’s body.