Tuesday, October 11, 2011

US/NATO is winning in Afghanistan??

Great victory eh! Once U.S and NATO forces leave, not only will Afghanistan fall back in the hands of the Taliban but also Pakistan and maybe Iran. Pakistan is becoming more fanatic religiously. Since 1978 Pashtuns from Afghanistan have taking refuge in Pakistan. More came during the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. Now their influence on Pakistani society is very obvious. A 13 year old Christian girl was not only expelled from her school but her whole family was run out of town because she misspelled an Arabic word which came across as derogatory to the Prophet Muhammad. It is fairly obvious that she did not do it on purpose and apologized for her error but that was not good enough for religious leaders and other fanatics.

Pakistan and Iran have traditionally good relations and with Taliban-like governments in Pakistan, they may oblige Iran with a nuke or two. It looks scary and does not bode well for the west.

To read the story on young girl click here.

Dubya wanted to conquer Iraq at the same time as Afghanistan and took his eyes off of the latter, now his blunder is showing results. Dubya’s daddy was threatened by Saddam after Bush Sr. invaded Kuwait so being a good kid he wanted to kill Saddam to protect his daddy and then of course to access the oil in Iraq. What a mess.

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