Saturday, October 29, 2011

Libya: The Real Reason for Intervention

Black Gold.

”Western security, construction and infrastructure companies that see profit-making opportunities receding in Iraq and Afghanistan have turned their sights on Libya…….. Entrepreneurs are abuzz about the business potential of a country ….., plus the competitive advantage of Libyan gratitude toward the United States and its NATO partners.”

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  1. And not one person figured that out when the allies made their first move toward Lybia?

  2. Anyong,
    That is not the case. Everybody involved knew it was about oil including Gadhafi. He repeatedly said to Libyans that NATO intervention was not about their rights but about oil and he (Gadhafi) was hurdle for NATO. I understand his lost words were, “sons do you know right from the wrong” before they shot him dead. That does not mean that he was not a brutal dictator but what follows is going to be even worse.

    Now the new so-called leaders will receive millions in bribery and will hand over oil wells to NATO countries. It was and is all about oil.