Friday, October 21, 2011

The Killing of Muammar Gaddafi

Gadhafi was indeed a brutal dictator but are his killers any less brutal? Where is this world revolution is headed to, whether it is the Arab Spring or the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy World demonstrations? If the result is going to be worldwide brutality, then attaining the democracy mantra is a big farce.

Please watch the following video and tell me what you think.

If you're uable to view the video above then please click here to watch the video

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  1. It was a little cruel..Harper said he hailed the death of Gaddafi!

  2. A Eliz,"a little cruel" is a great understatement. It was plain barbarian.

    Once some freak in Ohio opened the gates for some deadly animals like lions and tigers the authorities took great care to kill them humanly and save a few where they could. The savage killing of Gadhafi was extremely barbarian. That is not a good example to set for the future of Libya. I suppose Obama earns another medal for this.

    They captured Ghadhafi alive and they could have handed him over to international court.

  3. I hated the son-of-a-sow, but when I saw one of the videos, I was saddened - not for Gaffafi, but that those people who wanted him gone because he was so cruel would themselves act with such savagery and fail to see the wrong in it.

    Most of us are opposed to principle...but to many of us make exceptions and feel it is justified in certain circumstances. What those people fail to consider is that justification is not static. It varies depending where your center of the universe is and what perspective and beliefs you have. Obama thinks it's ok to murder US citizens without any kind of trial if they are considered a threat; harper's dogs think torturing terrorists is ok because they are evil - whatever the hell that means; some radical muslims think it's ok to kill anyone who offends their god or prophet; some christians think it's ok to murder docs and nurses who work at abortion clinics...

    We have international treaties, but many countries, while believing in them in principle and condemning violators often violate the treaty themselves because...well...their case is just different.

    We still fail largely to see every person as equal, all cultures as part of a single species deserving of the same rights. Whether it is distasteful to protect those rights for really horrible people, it is necessary to do so or we will continue to see human rights violations all over the globe as people will come up with some justification to do what they want.

    I agree, LeDaro. The treatment of that murderous bastard was more than a little cruel. And it didn't reflect well on the rebels who did it.

  4. 900ft J, very well said my friend. I agree with you 110%. As long as we have the mentality that when our side kills then it is our and for our allies’ security, however, when the other side kills then and only then it is terrorism and brutality. With that mentality there will be no peace in the world.

    New videos of brutal killing of Gadhafi are being posted and some are gloating and boasting. That is absolutely hideous.