Friday, September 02, 2011

Daryl Hannah Arrested in Front of the White House

“..the actress was there to protest against the unbuilt Keystone XL oil pipeline that will stretch from Canada all the way to the Gulf Coast.”

Ms. Hannah is also opposed to tar sands. It’s very encouraging to know that people of Ms. Hannah’s celebrity are speaking out. I personally think that tar sands are an environmental disaster, and that the proposed pipeline will definitely aggravate the problem.

Read the story here.

Update: A CBC story on Daryl Hannah worth reading:

"I've been hearing about how many people have cancer that live downstream from the tar sands project"

Hannah is referring to the residents of Fort Chipewyan who live downstream from the oilsands. Concerns were first raised in 2006 by a local doctor about supposed elevated cancer rates in the town. In 2009, the Alberta Cancer Board said cancer rates were 30 per cent higher than expected.”

Read the full story here.

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