Monday, July 18, 2011

Joseph Harper and Atrocities During G-20

This last Sunday I watched the videos made by different people at the G-20 summit, and the atrocities carried out there. People who were bystanders and not even part of the demonstration were beaten up, hand-cuffed, and imprisoned.

One of the very heart-breaking incidents was where a man’s prosthetic leg was pulled off and he was handcuffed, dragged, and imprisoned. Many other innocent people received similar cruel and inhumane treatment. I could not believe that this happened in Canada. Yes things like this happen in Russia or other countries ruled by dictators.

Moreover the cost of this G-20 & G-8 security was $1 billion-plus dollars. Was it really worth it? Many world leaders made fun of us, including Sarkozy of France who I understand spent only a few million dollars for a recent G-8 meeting.

You may watch the video here, it is just unbelievable.

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