Sunday, July 24, 2011

Celine Dion: My Heart Will Go On

After posting the funny pictures I will like to say that Celine Dion is indeed a great artist and great singer. I enjoyed the movie Titanic and especially her song “My Heart Will Go On”. Some artists go crazy after they become famous and cannot handle their notoriety but she is a very balanced and dedicated family person. Here is the video of her song. Enjoy.

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  1. My adult daughter and I disagree always on Dion. She doesn't like her per say (she's 25) but disagrees with me anyway and says I'm a snotbucket. Years ago I saw Dion on Oprah and watched to see how Merkin audiences took her in or not. Merkin audiences thought she was 'foreign but with a more than acceptable accent'. But she was ridiculous. She pretended she couldn't speak English very well, which is total b.s. She kept asking O (and the audience)'what's the English word for____'? Total fake puke-out. But then I realized she could be tongue-in-cheek, as in what's the AMERICAN word for ______? So maybe she was just making fun of them. I hold on to that very dearly, otherwise, well total fakery puke-out.