Sunday, June 26, 2011

Richard Engel: End the War on Terror

I have extraordinary respect for this reporter, he has covered all the current wars from Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya as well as the Arab spring in Tunisia, Egypt, and Bahrain. He has been right in the middle of the action many times, and put his life on the line to give the true picture of what is going on.

In one incident in Libya, he ended up in the direct line of fire from Gaddafi’s forces. He just happened to be lucky to survive that attack. If anybody understands the current wars and instability in the Middle East and North Africa – and views them with an objective eye – it's Richard Engel. He has always been a very objective reporter, and now he is saying that it is time to end the war on terror, that these wars are taking us nowhere.

I firmly believe that Obama and other NATO leaders must pay attention to experts like Richard Engel.

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