Saturday, April 23, 2011

Retirement Home for Dictators?

A novel idea by Peter Beeching.

“So here’s a proposal: As an alternative to the International Criminal Court, let the United Nations find a modestly sized island capable of sustaining life, and pass an international treaty designating it as a drop haven, a final refuge, for people like Qaddafi with no place else to go A place where exiled dictators can have the chance to retire with what little dignity they can muster. But let the place be closely monitored to prevent escape or outside contact. The world learned the lesson of Napoleon at Elba – something St. Helena cured.”

Read the article here.

What do you think?

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  1. Interesting. Not a white face among them?

  2. Maybe I should add Harper's face.:)

  3. Now there's an idea. :-)

  4. It's been reported that the US is scrambling to find just such a refuge for Gaddafi. Saudi Arabia often takes them in.

    There is a weird pragmatism behind this. Better to get the thugs out voluntarily even if it means allowing them immunity in a refuge country than keeping them fighting for their lives and killing innocents. There's an element of 'negotiating with kidnappers' to it all. The fearful tyrant resorts to atrocities against civilians to motivate other countries to give him a deal.

  5. In case of Gadhafi I believe he has great relations with some African countries. They will most probably take him. Current slaughter of civilians must stop. Gadhafi spent billions to help some of his neighbours over the years and they may be quite willing to accommodate him and his family.