Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ignatieff: Tarsands More Than Just a PR Problem

Ignatieff is on the right track on this issue; he recognizes the environmental problems created by the tarsands; unlike Stephen Harper who couldn't care less about environmental consequences, who only thinks in terms of profits for oil industry executives.

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  1. Wrong, LD. Iggy is better than Harpo in acknowledging the pollution aspects of the Tar Sands but that's about it. He's still a Petro-Head even as we face an immediate imperative to ditch fossil fuels entirely. To a large extent it's a distinction without much difference.

  2. Mound, Iggy is at least better. And if Libs do form the next government people can approach their individual MPs and put some pressure. In turn his caucus/cabinet may put pressure on him to do few things good for environment. There is no such hope from Harper.