Friday, January 14, 2011

Sarah Palin and her outbursts

This woman is crazy. Her outburst after the Arizona tragedy has further put a spotlight on her as being ignorant and crazy. While other leaders from left and right are expressing their sorrow about the Arizona tragedy, Palin is playing victim given her reference to “Blood Libel”. It turns out that she belongs to a church where leaders of the church are openly anti-Semitic. Is it possible that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords became a target because she is Jewish?

Thomas Hess, an Apostle of the Wasilla Bible Church (Palin’s church), said,

"...the Jewish people today are in slavery to many false gods in America.... My prayer is that American Jewish people become aware of the bondages to these gods and break free from them.. They must make Aliyah (return) to Israel before greater judgment or plagues come upon America. The Jewish people in America must be freed from this slavery to materialism in all of its forms in order to escape to Israel. Because of the way the Jewish people have prospered and been blessed in America, this struggle is even greater than it was to leave Europe more than seventy years ago."

This is scary stuff. We humans never seem to learn from our past blunders. I have repeatedly questioned Israel’s policy towards its neighbours and especially towards Palestinians. However it is extremely important that we humans avoid another genocide.

There is a very good story on this subject here.

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