Thursday, January 06, 2011

Darrell Issa – the new chair of U.S House Committee on Oversight

I understand Issa is Arabic for Jesus. If any of my readers know Arabic then please correct me if I am wrong. So this is the second coming of Jesus? I am more than sure that Jesus was a lot better than this twit. He sounds like another Boner bonehead (the new weeper of the House) character. That is what happens to Tea baggers as their heads get boiled in the tea-kettle. This Issa or Jesus wants to bring McCarthyism back. He first called Obama one of the most corrupt presidents and then backtracked saying Obama’s government was one of the most corrupt administrations. He wants to investigate anything and everything about the Obama administration.

It is more like a second coming of McCarthy than Jesus. With leaders like Issa our friends in the south are in deep trouble. May God help America and reform this fake Jesus.

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