Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Michael Moore on Julian Assange

Michael Moore is a great human being and strongly believes in the freedom of speech. He contributed $20,000 towards the bail of Mr. Assange the head of Wikileaks. Keith Olbermann interviews Mr. Moore. Michael Moore puts it so well that I have nothing to add. Watch the video.

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  1. By "puts it so well" you mean "misrepresents the allegations", right?

    You do know the actual allegations, I assume? (I'll forgive the earlier post, where it was at least possible to still believe the version told by Assange's lawyer if you wanted to be willful about it.)

    And let's just say that Moore's cowardly response to the #mooreandme thing on Twitter has been... less than inspiring.

  2. Victor, interesting balderdash from you. Did the women not accuse him of a broken condom? Not that they didn’t consent for sex.