Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fox News: Dumb and Dumber

A study by the University of Maryland shows that Faux News makes its viewers misinformed and hence these viewers go from dumb to dumber. It is also known as Faux effect or Faux syndrome.

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  1. [In 1996] Sue Fischer, president of the Association of Washington Educators of Talented and Gifted, says that during the past 15 years, the reading level of texbooks has dropped by two grade levels. That is, what used to be third-grade material is now fifth-grade material.… In other words, textbooks have been “dumbed down.” The result, according to a wide-ranging group including teachers, textbook salesmen, education researchers and government officials, is a more poorly educated student population. -- Nancy Montgomery, “Dumbed-down texts too easy, too simple, too boring, critics say,” The Seattle Times, 3 March 1996, p. A1