Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Lighting: Some fascinating pictures

Berlin: A vendor for Christmas stars awaits customers Nov. 22 at the Christmas market on the Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

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  1. wow! I still like driving around to look at the christmas lights. Love christmas carols, too. I stayed with the church choir even when I was an atheist because I loved singing in the church. Great acoustics.

  2. 900ft J., I am not a religious person. I fall in the category of agnostics. Life is extraordinarily complex and remains a mystery for me. There is a universe even within a single living cell which is not fully explored yet. Only recently scientists found out that some cells can live on toxins and these cells were dubbed as extra-terrestrial life. Too much remains to be explored.

    Religions perform a very important role in billions of lives of people and if you take it away there will be an utter chaos on this planet. Unfortunately religion is also used as an opium for masses and that needs to be corrected.

    I like Christmas because it brings the best out of many people but as time goes by it is more and more a feast for big business. Trillions of dollars of goods and services are sold around the world to feed the frenzy of Christmas. As time goes by it is more and more business than a religious event. The world needs to tackle with the greed and profiteering.