Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Breaking News: Michael Ignatieff-new Foreign Affairs Minister under Harper?

Okay kidding. But there was a vote in Parliament on a Bloc motion on the Afghanistan mission. The Bloc motion required that the Government must put the Afghanistan mission extension to a vote in the Parliament. NDP voted with the Bloc but Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals solidly voted with the government. There was a panel discussion on Power & Politics of CBC and Tom Flanagan of the University of Calgary quipped that Ignatieff would make a great Foreign Affairs minister under Harper. By golly I totally agree with Mr. Flanagan on this one. There is a possibility that Peter Mackay may leave the Harper cabinet and who is best to step in since Ignatieff not only agrees with Harper but is a step ahead of him for supporting the Afghanistan war, mission extension and in the past supporting the Iraq war when he was an American.

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  1. I'm so disgusted with this development. It was a non-whipped vote on a toothless motion, and despite being told by plenty of Grit pundits that the caucus was fuming over Iggy and Rae's stance on the issue, the LPC as a whole back up the extension an overwhelming number of Canadians don't want to see.

    If the Liberals wanted my vote, they're sure going about it the wrong way.

  2. Sir Falstaff, I totally agree with you my friend. What happened to Trudeau's Liberal Party?

  3. In answer to your question about PETs Liberal party. It got fat and lazy and then broke into warring camps upon his second retirement. Much like Mulroney's and Chretien's version of their respective parties did.

  4. WILLY, sadly I have to admit that you're right. Chretien wasn’t so bad but crack became real big by the time Martin took over. Iggy & Rae are the final straw on the camel’s back.