Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bernard Lord leader of the national Conservative Party?

Why should a failed politician in New Brunswick head the national party? He was basically a one term premier. His second term was a near-minority and he barely survived. He made a mess of things. He won in 1999 on the basis of removing tolls on NB highways which was a blunder, it cost the province millions per year and is part of the reason for NB’s current deficit crisis. NB could have given free passes to NBers and charged tolls to outsiders which would have brought a lot of revenue. Also there was the failed orimulsion oil deal with Venezuela that cost the province billions (a lot for a small province).

After Venezuela and all the blunders, who or where would Lord's power base come from? Moreover, the guy is a cry baby. I normally like Jim Travers’ commentaries, but here he is WAY OUT TO LUNCH! Read his commentary here.

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