Monday, November 08, 2010

Scientology and other religions

There was a fascinating documentary on Scientology on the CBC program, the Passionate Eye. Another big fraud in the name of religion. As I go through the journey of life I am feeling more and more repulsed by almost all organized religions. I do believe in spiritualism but I don’t much care for organized religion. I had some personal experiences that gave me some hints about spiritualism – I should emphasize the word “hint” as beyond that I have no knowledge.
Religions and their fanatic followers are more interested in rituals than the spirit of the religion as such. And we all know some of these fanatics could be very dangerous indifferent to any particular religion. The real spiritual experiences are hard to explain and are very personal.

To read the story on Scientology and to watch the video click here.

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  1. Since you're in Canada, you might be interested in Ontario's Narconon Trois Rivieres. This is one of the larger facilities that practice the fraudulent Narconon "detoxification" program.

    Although Narconon claims no association with Scientology, it is on the corporate chart right under the umbrella group, Association For Better Living and Education.

    There's a guy, an ex-Narconon client and employee, who has singlehandedly attracted government attention to this fraud.

    Google it, you'll be amazed!

  2. Barb, thank you for your comment. Religions are supposed to guide people instead many religious leaders need adult guidance themselves.