Sunday, November 07, 2010

Leonard Susskind and Stephen Hawking and Black Hole theory

Watch the video if you can understand it.

Hawking said that any star which hits a Black Hole is gone forever. Susskind, who started following Black Hole theory when he was a plumber (he's now a professor of physics at Stanford University), said that what hits a black hole survives. The plumber (Susskind) wins. That is why I say human knowledge is very imperfect. Hawking is considered the deity of physics and he was dead wrong about his Black Hole theory and lost the argument.

Read about the controversy here.

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  1. Hawking comes up with heady stuff for an 'idiot'.

  2. Jymn,I think you're right but some consider him the God of modern physics.

  3. The plumber (Susskind) wins.

    No. They both win. And they both lose.

    Paradoxical....? :)

  4. Dr.Dawg, you do have a point. :)

    My point is that human knowledge is incomplete and shall remain so. Life/nature is simply too complex.