Saturday, November 13, 2010

Child Labour in the Western World

We claim to be progressive and democratic societies in the west. We are officially against child labour. Now what about T.V commercials after commercials by children? Is that not labour? Here are some examples and you can see a lot more videos here.

Then there is child pornography and child prostitution and in that respect we are with rest of the world or the incidences of such crimes are higher than some Asian countries.

The incidences of child pornography and prostitution is lower in some Asian countries because of close-knit families and what is called informal social control. Many sociological studies have revealed such a trend in certain Asian countries vs. the west.

Then Obama and Harper are tripping over each other to do business with India, notorious for child labour. Is Obama or Harper going to raise questions about that? I doubt it.

So before we throw stones on others houses we must look at our own glass house.

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  1. yeah, a real sell-out when our politicians put profit before human rights. Then go and lecture other countries on child labour when they support a lot of the very abusive companies at a distance, or make deals with places like Columbia.

    Our relations with China real get to me. I know they are a huge economic concern for us, but that shouldn't take precedence over a strong stance on human rights.

  2. 900ft Jesus, 100% agree with you my friend.