Monday, November 29, 2010

Afghanistan: Training of Afghan Police

It is a disastrous situation. Desertion aplenty. 7+ Billion U.S dollars later and no reliable police force exists in Afghanistan. Then the corruption is rampant. Former U.S ambassador to Afghanistan Peter W. Galbraith makes some interesting comments. As he was driven out of the U.S embassy his driver had to pay bribe to a policeman short distance from the embassy in order to avoid being held-up. Peter Galbraith says it is simply not possible to train police properly in Afghanistan when majority cannot read and write. He says you need 100 years to do a decent job.

Now Harper wants to train the Afghan military. Really! Keep on fooling the Canadian public Mr. Harper.

From 60 Minutes, CBS.

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  1. Today, 6 NATO trainers were gunned down by a trainee in an Afghan Border Police uniform while on an exercise. The gunman was killed in turn which should eliminate a lot of awkward questions.

  2. "..which should eliminate a lot of awkward questions." For sure. Just destroy/kill any evidence. However, with Wikileaks those questions will keep coming.